Hyperhidrosis is often called "Sweaty palms disease". It is a surprisingly debilitating condition in which parts of the body, particularly the palms of the hands, sweat excessively. It is not medically dangerous, but can be very troubling to affected patients.

It has been known for many years that interrupting some of the sympathetic nerves within the chest can alleviate or even "cure" this problem. While such procedures were originally done through a large incision in the chest wall, they can now be done through very small incisions by experienced surgeons.

Dr. Maggs has a particular interest in this condition, and currently performs bilateral Endoscopic Sympathectomy at the Mount Auburn Hospital. The photograph below (taken less than a week following the procedure) shows the size and location of the incisions now used. This woman's hands were dry following the procedure.

If you wish to learn more about this procedure, please contact Dr. Maggs at (617) 492-3400 and make an appointment to discuss it in detail.

Photograph showing endoscopic incisions 5 days following the procedure (the 2 small red marks in the axilla).
These will probably be essentially invisible after a few months.